the winners are . . .


trophy unfinished

I realize I’m late announcing giveaway winners, sorry about that. Things have been, like always, a little busy and crazy around here. So without further ado . . .

The winner of the blueprint subscription is . . . Hildy!

And the winner of the super secret surprise package is . . . Lisa W.!

I’ve e-mailed you both so go ahead and send me your mailing addresses so that you can get your prizes.

Also, some survey results:

  • the top three favorite things to read about on A Browner Brown are 1) art 2) home products, and 3) a tie between DIY projects and my house decor (aw, thanks)
  • the least favorite topic is overwhelmingly baby/kid products.
  • the thing people want to see more of the most is house decor, both mine and others
  • the average reader of this blog is a childless married/partnered woman who is between the ages of 22 and 30, lives in a Bay Area rental and writes a blog. Is there anyone out there who actually falls into all of these categories? If so, comment below to be entered into another prize drawing. Of course, if there’s only one of you then you automatically win! (Be prepared to back up these stats though . . .)
  • 80% of readers a female, my most surprising stat – I was expecting it to be much higher. Hi guys! I’m glad you’re here

Like always, feel free to comment or e-mail me when you see things you like or don’t like. I love the feedback. Thanks to everyone who took the survey!


4 thoughts on “the winners are . . .

  1. Funny, I read this post when it first popped up on Bloglines, but I didn’t recognize my own name as a winner. I guess I’ve become too enmeshed with my blog alter ego. I wonder what that says about me? LOL

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