newly framed art

On Friday T. and I went and picked up some art from my framer’s.* I got all three pieces framed with specific locations in our house in mind (not something I usually do,) which meant we could hang them up right away:


lacey close

Any Given Direction (Self Portrait as Incoherent Light)
etching by Lacey Volk


mara close

Dancing in the Breeze
monoprint silkscreen by Mara Sprafkin


blessed close

Blessed are the peacemakers
a Vietnam-era (1967) anti-war poster by William (Bill) Weege

I’ve had this last once since high school and am so excited that it’s finally framed and ready to be hung, because it’s one of my favorite pieces ever. This will be hung above this chair (which is directly opposite our front door) after I finish painting the silver part of the hallway back to white.

*For those of you in the Bay Area I highly recommend Chris Lange at Design Framing on Park Blvd in Oakland for all of your framing needs. He does a meticulous job, is incredibly reasonably priced, and has many long term customers, which I think is always the most telling sign of a good business.


7 thoughts on “newly framed art

  1. I stumbled onto your site from MY MOD STYLE and I have to give a quick shout-out to you for linking your framer’s site when mentioning your newly framed artwork!!! I own a brick & morter custom framing business in Indiana and am BIG into see the community involved with “homegrown” businesses rather than the mega-“boxstores” that keep popping up everywhere with their “50% off” gigs all the time or their “we undersell ANYONE” promises. I’ll simply say…you get what you pay for. Take care!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I love using a local framer because I totally trust that he knows what he’s doing with my art, which may not be “valuable” in the traditional sense but is important enough to me that I want it professionally framed. The personal attention and connection is completely worth it – my mom has been going to the framer I use for years and introduced me. He also is actually incredibly reasonably priced, which just makes the decision that much easier.

  3. These look great. I really love what you’ve chosen. I like the thin white frame with mat as well. It makes me wonder if I’ve picked too large of a frame for my Beauticians print – I’ll have to wait and see.

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