Last night while in the midst of cleaning the house I suddenly got an urge climb up on the kitchen counter and do this:

approach love

This is how projects usually get done in our house – a spur of the moment breaking out of the paint cans. In the next week T. and I will be painting our currently silver hallway, the last room that has to be painted in the house (well, the last room he’s going to let me paint, even though I keep showing him colors that would look great in his office.) As requested, I’ll be posting a painting tutorial when we do it – I’ve gotten to be a pretty mean painter who now eschews both tape and dropcloths. Crazy you say? Wait till I show you how.


10 thoughts on “abandon

  1. I drew a center line and made some spatial markings, but then yes, freehanded the lettering.

    Oh I would love to come to the studio but tomorrow is the day of the big baby shower. But lets set up a time to come soon – I really want to show you drawing fluid silk screening, I know that you will love it.

  2. what a clever gal- love it! After all, it’s only paint –
    Really finishes it off while pulling it together.
    perhaps another one to please your mate-
    “Always kiss me Goodnight!”

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