thinking bloggers

Woot! Annie (aka Wexford Girl) gave me a Thinking Blogger award. Thanks Annie!

thinking blogger

So now I get to pass the honor on to five of my favorite bloggers who make me think (I had the hardest time choosing only five but deep down inside I am, unfortunately, such a rule follower. Also, it was five or 50, so I stuck with five.) In no particular order, here we go:

Phoebe at Silk Felt Soil – possessor of some of the best taste out there besides possibly Martha herself, Phoebe was also the first blogger to reach out to me when I started this little thing I call A Browner Brown. Her incredible finds never fail to inspire me to see the beautiful in the understated, the classic, the simple.

Eric (and the crew) at Gold Digger – irreverence and high style wrapped into one amazing package. My e-mail correspondence with him leads me to believe he is the sweetest guy in the world, as well as possessing a wicked sense of humor. He also recently bought this coffee table. Enough said.

Pink of Pink Mohair and casapinka – ballsy enough to paint her dining room fuscia, this woman rocks. Her honesty about motherhood makes me think when I get there I’ll be able to make it through with a lot of humor and maybe even a little bit of grace.

Trevor at T Sinister – my [fake] cousin (hey, there are no rules against nepotism in this thing, right?) and one of the smartest people I know, Trevor blogs about being a law student, or currently, a summer associate. A very funny guy who manages to make law school sound like it just might be a hugely entertaining experience.

Emily at EmilyStyle – I get exhausted and inspired just reading about all of the stuff this girl gets up to every single week. Her Urban Girl Almanac posts are a great reminder to take note of life while it’s happening, and learn a little something every week.

* * *

Check them out – I guarantee that all of them will make you think actual thoughts. Good ones.


3 thoughts on “thinking bloggers

  1. Wooo hooo! I’m a winner! This rocks.

    (PS – You’ve been in my RSS reader forever, but I’m resolved to get around to adding you to my blogroll this week.)

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