I have a pretty exciting (well, I think it’s pretty exciting) announcement to make, one that I’ve been wanting to share with you all for a while, but had to wait until a few things were finalized first.

I’ve decided to go back to school this fall to study interior design and interior architecture. It’s a field I’ve been interested in for a while, hence the reason I started writing A Browner Brown, but with an English degree my life seemed to be going in a different direction. Writing this blog has been an amazing experience for me. Becoming part of a community, a virtual but very real one nonetheless, has been a big part of it. All of you who read and comment and e-mail me, as well as all of the many amazing bloggers I read every day, have given me the courage to take this big leap. So in September I’ll be heading back to school to start a three year program and take classes like drafting and autoCAD and color theory.

So, thanks everyone for (unknowingly) helping me make this decision. Hopefully I’ll be learning things that I’ll be able to bring back and share* here with all of you.

*Speaking of sharing: in the next few weeks I hope to start posting some tutorials – how to recover a dining room chair, paint a room, etc, in this space. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’ve been wanting to do around your house, chances are I’ve done it and will be doing it again, and will hopefully be able to put something together to share with you.


12 thoughts on “announcement

  1. I am happy for you. It is exciting to find out what you want to do with your professional life.

    Even if life led me to another design path than practicing as an interior design I am happy about the knowledge I got from this field. I am sure you will find it exciting.

  2. that’s so rad elizabeth! i’m really excited for you and can’t wait to see what you do with all the new stuff you’ll learn!

  3. Everyone – *thanks so much* for the good vibes.

    Annie – I hope so!

    Taylor – for now I’m actually going to keep that information off of the internet, but next time I see you I’ll tell you.

    Emily – I know! I am really excited for shopping for grown up back to school stuff. I may be asking for your style expertise to help me find a few things . . .

    Kim – its good to hear from people who’ve done similar things before. Thanks.

  4. congratulations! i think that’s a good decision. it’s good to have a solid background in architecture to do interior design work. you’ll be great at it, i suspect.

  5. congratulations e– this is really exciting news!!!

    wish you all the best, and i know you’ll have an amazing career… this is just the beginning.

  6. everything’s coming up roses « A Browner Brown

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