modern economy

Modern Economy was lovely (if crowded) this morning. Note for next time: getting there 15 minutes after start time means things are already fairly picked over. Despite this, I manage to make it home with a few new things for the kitchen.

modern economy


3 thoughts on “modern economy

  1. Hey Elizabeth!

    I’m pretty sure I saw you there this morning (you had a big-ass camera around your neck, right?). But then I looked down at some pillow covers and when I looked up again I couldn’t find you to say hello.

    Anyway, I had a handful of things (some Henry Road pillow covers, Sara Paloma pottery, Tikoli tea towels), but wound up putting it all back because I couldn’t deal with the eeendleeessssssss checkout line.

    My note for next time is to drag my husband along and install him in line before I even start looking …

    All the best,


  2. i wish i had known you were stopping by! i was one of the gals working at the sale. and yes, it was CRAZY. beyond our expectations. glad you were able to grab a few goodies.

  3. Leah – Bummer we missed each other. If I hadn’t have had a friend to wait in the never-ending line with I probably would have done the same thing and left! Husband installation in line is a great idea . . . now to figure out how to trick T. into going along with that . . .

    Ahn-Minh – I wish I has known you were there too! And so happy it was so successful. I’m already thinking about planning a trip to LA based on the date of the next one . . .

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