powder room

I recently redecorated the front-hall powder room at my parents’ house for them and thought I would share it will you all. Unfortunately, we forgot to take “before” pictures, but to sum it up it was painted tan and had lots of Japanese knicknacks and dark wood in it (my parents lived in Japan for seven years.) And was generally slightly cluttered and dark feeling. Here it is now:





The powder room is off of a bright yellow hallway that is off of the foyer. The ante room is painted a bright but soft violet purple and the powder room itself is a paler purple. There are silver accents throughout and then some dark brown that picks up the dark wood floors.

There are more photos along with commentary from me on my flickr if you want to check them out.


9 thoughts on “powder room

  1. Pray tell, what is the color of that lovely paint? (I’m thinking it might look nice in my living room…)

  2. It is beautiful! From the photos I thought maybe it was an orange hall with pink bathroom, but yellow and purple is brilliant! I love it, and they must love it too, must be so refreshing after having a dark area to have a fresh, festive one.

  3. i love this! i’m rather color-phobic, but we did paint a powder room chartreuse, which i love, in our house of browns and whites. lately i’ve been trying to convince myself to do my studio in pink even though i generally dislike pink otherwise. hmm, more to think about……

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