everything’s coming up roses

Sorry for the light posting lately, things have been a little busy around here.


Today was my last day of work, because I’m starting school next week. I’m very excited about this transition, while at the same time going through moments of minor anxiety about the intense workload I’m about to have. My favorite thing about not being in school was not having homework. The last day of work was odd, the way endings often are. Lots of goodbyes, many of them awkward, some of them fake, only a very few of them actually sad (the roses above are from my fantastic boss, one of the sad goodbyes.)

Last night I went to an intro/information session about my new program, which got me back into “really excited” mode. It feels so right to be doing this, the way that few things have in the last while. I went online and ordered my textbooks today when I got home from work, and actually can’t wait for them to get here (which is a sign. I’ve never been excited about textbooks before.) Eight months ago if you had told me I would be going back to school this fall and be this excited about it I would have laughed at you. But I am, and I am so excited. I’m also excited right now to have this blog (which, as I wrote about before, was one of the big things that spurred this decision) and to have this amazing community (blogimunity? can I make up that word right now?) to talk with about all the things I’m going to be learning. I think it’s going to be a really fun ride.


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