the power of paper

Some of you may remember my longish-but-ultimately-successful bar cart hunt this past winter, followed by the bar’s makeover with wrapping paper. I’ve been tired of the very early-springish pussy willow paper that’s been in there for a while, and yesterday finally replaced it with this preppy blue striped piece.


Because the paper simply lays under a sheet of glass I had cut to fit the top of the bar cart, this project took about five minutes total, but totally freshens up that corner of the living room. I’m especially happy with the way it brings out the blues in the antique egg prints hung on the wall.

bar 2

bar 3

5 thoughts on “the power of paper

  1. Ohh, I love the nice blue stripes! This is a great idea. We have a similar bar cart in our living room, but the top part is actually a removable tray. I’m going to go measure it and see if we can fit a glass piece on top–just love the flexibility that offers!

    How is school going? Hope your program is everything you’ve been dreaming of. I’ve thought of doing the same thing myself, so keep us posted on how it’s going.

    Miss Natalie

    We met at the August Feira Urbana (I make the hankie and baby goods)–thanks for posting pictures of it!

  2. green « A Browner Brown

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