Lisa Congdon’s show opening at Candystore on Thursday was great – the shows up for at least another month, so next time you’re in the Mission stop by and check it out. I especially loved the giant branches she painted on the wall.


Last night (Friday) I saw one of my favorite musicians play my favorite ever song (first one on the video) at one of my all time favorite venues. Throw in some free apples and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Today there are lots of small things to get done around the house, the farmer’s market to go to, some errands to run. Annie Galvin’s new show, “Better Go in Disguise” is opening at The Salon is tonight, and promises to be great, followed by a birthday party for one of my oldest friends. I’m working on several projects this weekend, hopefully I’ll have pictures to share of at least one of them by Sunday . . .

And school! It’s been great so far, thanks to all of you who’ve asked. Life in general is good right now, things are really settling into place. There’s a feeling of coming full circle, of things making sense in a way I wasn’t expecting. It’s pretty nice.


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