A note on couches


One of my favorite things to do is fantasize about buying a new couch. This purchase is a long ways off – I’m back in school now, remember? – but a girl can still dream. Our current couch was a craiglist find several years ago, and while it’s not at all ugly it’s not exactly high-style. It’s also starting to show it’s age, but the thing it really has going for it is that *it is the most comfortable couch in the world.* Which is important when you spend several hours a day blogging/doing homework/reading/etc on it. And something that I worry about when I think about replacing it is – will I ever be able to find anything as comfortable as this again? I love some of the stylish choices out there, but worry that they won’t have the sink-in-and-stay-all-day thing going on that we currently have. So I’m tentatively excited to try out the new West Elm Goodwin sofa (pictured above.) They’re claiming it’s comfortable, and while I would love less chunky legs on it, the style’s certainly not bad, and I have always wanted a velvet couch. Next time I’m in Marin (side note: can anyone explain to me why the only West Elm in the Bay Area is in Corte Madera?) I’m going to swing by and take a sit. I’ll let you know what I think.


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