B is for . . .


One of my favorite things about our place is the built-ins. Even the massive (and currently unorganized) amount of books I own can’t fill up the ones in the living room. The dining room built-ins are where we keeps our “nice” dishes – wine glasses and my teacup and saucer collection, along with some other odds and ends.




blue bathroom

This bathroom went through several incarnations, and for the time being I’ve settled on blue. Lately I’ve been craving lavender walls in here, but the blue makes me happy in the morning, and is staying for now.



and jars, also in blue. Cheapest accessory in the house, if you don’t count the wine that was originally in them.



one of my favorite places to be. We have a decadent mattress (a hand me down from my parents) that makes being in bed a luxury. One of my favorite times is the first minute after I wake up when I can lie in bed and look out the window to see how the day is going to be.



one of my favorite photos – T in bed


4 thoughts on “B is for . . .

  1. What is the color in your bedroom. I like it, with the white lantern and the orangey/pumpking bedspread very much. I would say I am also ‘obsessed’ with finding the perfect colors.

  2. Painted built-ins « A Browner Brown

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