C is for . . .


The first project I did when we moved in was to re-vamp this chandelier. It was a hideously black-and-gold Craigslist find originally, a few coats of white spray paint can be miraculous.



I love ’em. T thinks they’re tacky, but I just can’t get enough. They make me happy. My collection now included gifts brought back from France, South Africa, and Mexico – because chickens are universal.



I love to collect. This drives T absolutely insane, but he humors me. You’ve seen the Abrahams and the chickens (above), so add to the list: yellow pottery, teacups and saucers, souvenir magnets, and small found toys (as in, found on the street.) T thinks I should add shoes and books to this list, but he doesn’t understand that those are things I need. Collecting is something that is done just for fun.

yellow pottery





Mine is pink. I love it (but I don’t use it very much.)



7 thoughts on “C is for . . .

  1. Oh my that chandelier is just fabulous!!!! Gorgeous job!

    And I’m in love with your pink closet. The best!! I might have to steal that idea for myself! :)

  2. I love all your stuff. Its displayed very well. I would love to have a pink closet, but I have to share it with my husband. He wouldn’t let that happen. I have a pink office with hello kitty’s and carebears,…I better not push my luck. lol The chandelier looks amazing!!!!!!

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