D is for . . .

dining room

This is the first place I’ve lived (since moving out of my parents house) that actually has a dining room. Of course, years of not having one have left me conditioned to eat on the couch most of the time anyways. But the best thing about the dining room is that it allows for dinner parties. Lovely. The table and chairs are currently in progress, by the way.

dining room


I have two. One was my great-grandmother’s, and is solid mahogany. It’s part of a bedroom set my grandmother gave me when I was 15, she inherited it from her mother and brought it from Alabama to California (I have a dressing table and four poster bed that go along with it, but both are currently in storage.) The other is mid-century modern, I think walnut(?) and was given to me by some friends’ landlord (well, he didn’t really give it to me, but I had my friends ask him if he would sell it to me, and he said I could just have it. Score!)

mahagony dresser

mid-century dresser


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