F is for . . .


Having a fireplace is fantastic, especially having a working fireplace in the Bay Area (it seems that a lot of fireplaces here have been damaged by earthquakes at some point and closed off instead of being fixed.) Our fireplace screen is awful. My mom and sister found it on the street right after we moved in, and it was supposed to be a temporary solution while I found one I liked. Over a year later it’s still here. Maybe this winter I’ll actually replace it.



The first ‘room’ I painted a non-neutral color. I love the red. I love having a foyer. It makes me happy to see it when I first walk in the door. But things tend to pile up here on their way in or our of the house, and I didn’t have time to pick it up this morning, so this picture is old.


front door

Taking this picture made me realize how faded our doormat is.

front door


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