I is for . . .


Some of my favorite things in my house are things I’ve inherited from family.

This desk was my great-grandfather’s (father’s father’s father.) The inside is very cool, full of cubbys and drawers, but also very unorganized right now, so sorry, no photo.


This bust of the Virgin Mary was my great-grandmother’s (mother’s father’s mother.) We’re not Catholic, but I love how simple and peaceful she looks. Grounded.


There is also the dresser, a piece that was another great-grandmother’s, as well as many other small things tucked around our house. Pieces of my family history worked into my every day life.

In other news, Anh-Minh and I started this weekend on a large scale project at her house. Not so much re-decorating as refining and enhancing what she’s already done with her place. It’s pretty exciting, and she’s a dream to work with. Stay tuned over the next few months as we progress.


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