L is for . . .


One of my favorite things about our place is the light it gets – due in no small part to the fact that we have windows on all four sides of the house (a benefit of living in a top/bottom [as opposed to a side-by-side] duplex.) No matter the time of day, there is one room in the house getting fantastic natural light. (note: of course, because I wanted to take pictures of the light in our house, the last several days have been super gray and cloudy, so these are old pictures)


light - bedroom

light - kitchen

Our kitchen cabinets have these great latches that you often see in older homes. I keep thinking about taking them off and stripping the million layers of paint off of them to take them back to metal, but it’s one of those “when everything else is done” projects. I don’t understand why these went out of style – not only are they really functional, but I always think how lucky we’ll be when the big earthquake comes and they prevent all of our dishes from flying out of the cabinets and shattering all over the floor. They are also really great for hanging dishtowels from.


latches with towels


5 thoughts on “L is for . . .

  1. Curious — those green window coverings in the top photo. Where are they from?

    Also, my last apt. had those latches, and god, how I loved them!

  2. Hey Karen and Julia,

    the green shades (I also think they are great!) are from West Elm and were bought on clearance about a year and a half ago. Right now they have something similar but not in green, but check back in the spring – the tend to rotate colors throughout the year.



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