N is for . . .


New to me, at least (you wouldn’t think N was a hard letter, but it’s been the hardest so far.) This is our “new to us,” as of Tuesday, sideboard


Isn’t it lovely? A really fabulous craigslist find (thanks Leslie!) The doors slide open to reveal these drawers:


Which I’m thinking are going to be perfect for storing (part) of my fabric stash. Folded and organized by color, of course. Obviously it isn’t going to live in the middle of the dining room (it’s current position) but we have to sell our current sideboard before we can slide this new one into place. I’m more than a little sad to see it go, because it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture we own, but it’s never fit the space very well and is perhaps just a tiny bit too fancy for us. T. has never been a big fan of it but I’m such a sucker for beautiful wood & craftsmanship that when I saw it I just had to have it.


anyone interested?


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