O is for . . .


A never before photographed room of our house . . . the office. This room is all T.’s – can you tell? It doubles as a guest room when needed (something that happens about once a month) a fact that has me constantly nagging T. to let me do something in there to spruce it up a little. So far, no luck.


office 2


Organization does not come naturally to me, but I love it when I finish an organizing project. One of the best feelings in the world. I’m currently working my way through our place room by room in a giant re-organization bonanza. This week, I attacked the bathroom.

medicine cabinet

bathroom organization

bathroom storage


How could I leave it out? Maybe my very favorite thing about my home is the fact that it’s in one of my favorite neighborhoods in my very favorite city in the entire world (and I’ve lived on three continents and two coasts.) Everything we need is within three blocks of us – bakery, movie theater, farmer’s market, grocery store, library, gym, restaurants, bars, florist, etc. Walking around the corner to buy a loaf of bread from our neighborhood bakery is one of my favorite moments every week.




Grandlake Theatre

Grandlake Theatre

our fantastic neighborhood movie theater – isn’t it lovely?


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