in all its glory

Ta da!

new couch!

more new couch!


as a reminder, the old sofa (which is going to my little sister’s apartment tonight):

old sofa

It was much bigger (although the size difference is almost entirely in the arms.) The new one makes the entire room seem bigger, always a nice thing. Although I’m thinking it may need a side table on at least one side. It’s also very comfortable, and you don’t loose yourself in it the way you did in the old one (which was also comfortable, but more in a oh man there’s no way I can pull myself out of this thing, so I guess I’m here for the night way.)

But my favorite thing about the new couch is that it’s upholstered in dark brown velvet, which is my *favorite* sofa upholstery. How fantastic is it that I found my dream couch, used, and for a fraction of the price it would cost new, on craigslist? I’m literally giddy over the whole thing. Now my “sofa fund” will have to become a “something else” fund. . .

If anyone is interested, the sofa is Mitchell Gold’s Claude. I highly recommend its comfort and its looks. It also seems to wear well – the people we bought it from had it for several years and have two small children, but it’s still in great shape.


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