Today is T’s birthday. I’m not going to embarrass him by telling everyone how old he is, but lets just say he’s four years older than me. Which is OLD. This year we decided to cut back on presents for each other, and to make up for it made a deal that each of us (my birthday is in nine days) could have whatever we wanted for breakfast on our birthday. This is what he requested this morning:

birthday breakfast

Grapefruit, whole wheat toast, bacon, grapefruit juice, and black tea. Easy-peasy. I, unfortunately for him, am going to make him work slightly harder on my breakfast.

Happy birthday smogs!

I’m taking the rest of the day off to hang out with my birthday boy, but will be back tomorrow with a really exciting project I just finished. (well, I think it’s really exciting, hopefully you will too.)


3 thoughts on “birthday

  1. nothing makes a birthday like bacon. do you know about the bacon of the month club? it was the most enjoyable present my husband’s ever received.

    happy birthday to your t!

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