Ok, project reveal time . . .

Let me preface this by saying it was not an original idea – I saw a photo of a similar light set up in a bathroom (has anyone else seen this? can you tell me where it was from?) and fell in love. I’ve been unhappy with my bathroom light for a while, and looking for a solution that didn’t require re-wiring (it is a rental, after all.) So . . . here’s what we did:

rope light!

rope light!

Rope light. It’s hard to take pictures of it at night (as above) so here’s one taken before it was dark:

rope light

It gives off the most amazingly magical light at night; it is, afterall, a room now entirely lit by what are essentially christmas lights. Showering before bed has become a totally different experience.

This is probably the single most fun thing we’ve done in the house, and at the moment probably my all time favorite project. For the last few days, every time I walk into the bathroom at night I just become instantly happy. It also solved my problem of not being able to figure out what to hang on that wall – art and light at the same time. Now I just need to figure out a good way to cover the light socket at the top.


10 thoughts on “loveliness

  1. Every year I put up Christmas lights in the bathroom and I never want to take them down because the lighting is so extremely perfect. This looks fabulous, by the way. I totally intend on copying.

  2. that is AWESOME!! you’re so creative.

    About your book question on my blog. I would love to sell those books, but making an iPhoto Book is pretty expensive. Eric paid $33 for it. No one (besides my husband) would pay that!

  3. Looks most excellent. We used to use rope lights looped from the cabinets in our kitchen as year-round task lighting. I kinda miss it. Yours is a much more clever way to go. I’m also curious how you attached it to the wall. And is it plugged in where the light fixture used to be?

    BTW, I found your blog via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

  4. LOL! My husband and i just unpacked these from our deco box and couldn’t think of anything to do with them this year!! Thanks for the er..excuse the pun *lightbulb moment* I would love to know how you attached it to the wall?

  5. Where did you plug it in so it wasn’t obvious? It looks like it begins and ends all as one unit, which is awesome, but I’m not sure how to replicate that… it almost looks like you have it plugged into the light socket, but I am an electrical idiot so I don’t know how ya did it…

    Hey idea to cover up the light socket… crochet/knit yourself a cozy! :) You could just run some extra yarn through the wall-end, cinch it to tighten, and tuck in the ends for looks… awesome! Keeps stuff from getting in, too.

    Or use elastic instead as a holder-on-er (that would be the professional term) and sew up something in felt (I’m thinking a blue to match the walls) and embroider on it, like lightbulbs maybe?

    Or even sew one up from regular fabric… make a few, and they can be interchangeable for holidays! :)

  6. I too wonder how it was all attached to the wall in scu a wonderfully invisible way! I want one in my bathroom too!

    However, I don’t think it a safe idea to cover the socket with crochet, or fabric, or anything flammable. I think an electrician would agree. How about paninting a matching retro “colandar” and fitting that over the socket? The aluminum kind with all the holes?

  7. excuses and answers « A Browner Brown

  8. To cover the plug, you could get a small shadow box and cut a notch out (for the metal wire cover.) Then you could fit some sort of cool picture in the front of the shadow box to disguise the plug. I’m not sure exactly how you’d hang the shadow box — maybe mini shelf brackets on the inside? I hope this makes sense…

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