excuses and answers

Wow, have I been MIA or what. I’m in the midst of finals (which are over next Tuesday) which means I’m completely swamped. So I’m really looking forward to break (even though it’s going to be a short one – my next semester starts Jan 3rd.)

But while I’m here, first of all, thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments lately. I usually try to answer comments in the comment section, but have really gotten behind, so thought I would take a minute and catch up right now.

  • First of all, several people want to know how I attached the rope light to the wall in the bathroom. We used the small, clear clips came in the packaging when we bought the lights (not as innovative as you thought, right?) We simply screwed them into the wall along with the help of some drywall screws. I’m assuming you may be able to buy something similar at a place that sells Christmas lights, or possibly just the hardware store:

rope light attachment

  • As for how it’s plugged in, here it is in all it’s ugly glory:

rope light plug

Still haven’t figured out a good way to cover it. I want something that looks like it belongs there. Any more suggestions?

  • We’ve stalled out on the dark brown in the office, and are now thinking green. I really love dark brown rooms, but I kid you not that every single piece of furniture in there is either brown or black right now, and I think it will be too much. I’ll keep you updated though, and am hoping that some color will be on those wall before the end of the year (but after the end of finals.) I’m also not a big fan of accent walls (although I just helped a friend pick colors for her room and we did an accent wall in it – photos should be coming in the next week) so I’m trying to avoid that solution.
  • You can read more about my dining room chandelier here.

More questions are always welcomed!


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