why can’t every weekend last for three days?


I really love long weekends. Even though I no longer have a traditional 9-5 job, so could technically take off every Monday, having society’s permission to do it makes it somehow feel different. More like part of the weekend. Also – I only wish I had enough time to take three day weekends every week, considering I usually barely take a two day weekend. So here’s my run down from this holiday weekend (which I turned into a four-day one, taking most of Friday off too):

The good:

The bad:

  • an extremely violent and unbelievably horrible but thankfully short lived (six hours) bout of food poisoning (my first, and I really, really hope my last)
  • continued electrical problems at our house, resulting in periodic blackouts (we’re hoping this finally gets dealt with this upcoming week)

Oh, and my computer is back! I got it back last Thursday, and they ended up being able to repair the hard drive instead of replacing it, so it even came back with all of my stuff on it – a huge relief.


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