more blah

I spoke too soon – my computer is STILL having problems. Essentially, we can’t get the hard drive to partition properly so that we can install Windows, which I need so that I can run autoCAD at home, something I really need to do for school. So, currently my entire hard drive has been wiped clean, although it’s theoretically all backed up properly (I won’t really be able to believe this until all of my information is back on my computer where I can see it, of course.) It’s all just majorly BLAH. I’m really hoping to be back up and running in the next few days.   In the meantime, I’ve started trying to take a photo a day, and they’re winding up in this set on my flickr account. Because of the computer problems I’m a little behind on uploading, but am going to try to remedy that tomorrow (I really dislike using T.’s computer, which is why I haven’t been on more than necessary lately.)that’s it for now. note: I say ‘we’ like I’m an active participant in the process, when in reality T. is doing all of the work.


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