the amazing immortal snapdragon

I’m baffled by this plant. I bought it towards the end of last summer, thinking it would bloom for a while and then die. Well, that happened, but since I’m a lazy gardener, I didn’t bother to pull it out of its pot for a few months. And then it bloomed again. And then the flowers all fell off again, but I still didn’t bother to tear it out. And now it’s blooming again – bigger and better than ever.


Snapdragons are annuals, right? Not that I’m complaining, but what is going on here?


3 thoughts on “the amazing immortal snapdragon

  1. this happened to me before as well. if you tend to leave the blossoms on the plant after they’ve dried up without pinching them off (or cutting them for the centerpiece…), they’ll drop seeds like crazy.

  2. Nope, snapdragons are perennials. The only reason most people grow them as annuals is that they are frost-tender, meaning they can’t survive the winter in places that get freezes. This is true of quite a few popular “annuals,” by the way!

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