in progress

This is what my house looks like* when I paint – lovely right? I’ve painted about half of the living room today – the other half will hopefully happen later this weekend, because, well, this is what my house looks like right now. This one-half-at-at-time thing works out really well though – all the furniture gets shoved to one side, once the paint dries we’ll shove it to the other side.

*Oh, that’s right. No tape, no tarps. I’m dangerous like that.


6 thoughts on “in progress

  1. This really looks like my bedroom. I have the very light blue with the strange off-white trim (though my trim is a bit darker than yours.) I can’t wait to see how it looks when you’re finished because I see the combination as it is in my room a very bad thing. The trim just looks dirty to me.

  2. no primer! I’ve only used primer when painting over something really dark, like say, red.

    yes, the yellowish off-white trim in this house is my scourge. I actually wanted to go lighter with the blue, but anything lighter looks terrible with the trim, blah. If we weren’t renters I would take the time to repaint all the trim, but it’s just too much work for me to do in a place we don’t own.

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