flor choices, and I love Martha

This is the giant selection of Flor tile samples I’ve ordered over the last few months in preparation for picking one for the living room at my family’s beach house. We decided pretty quickly to go with Flor, because it means that when renters (aka barn animals, according to my mom) spill/stain/ruin part of the carpet we can just replace it. The small square in the middle is the couch fabric – we’re leaning towards something solid, at the moment my favorite is the corrugated rib in Brook, from the Martha Stewart Collection, seen in both the upper left corner and bottom row on the right (um, in between orders I apparently forgot what I’d ordered the first time, so ended up with some duplicates.)

I’m also going with Flor in my front hall, mainly do to the weird dimensions of the space, which means that I cant find anything standard that will fit correctly. These were the colors I was picking between for my front hall – I’m going with the orangey one in the middle, velvet twist in Cinnabar, which is also from the Martha Stewart Collection.

Oh Martha, I thought I didn’t really like your Flor collection, but apparently I was wrong, and they are actually my favorite. How exactly do you do that trick, the one where everything you touch turns to gold?


One thought on “flor choices, and I love Martha

  1. brook is definitely a beach house color. :D it popped out at me right as i looked at that photo – everything she touches DOES turn to gold!

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