Hooks for Keys

Today T. put up these hooks for me – they’re on the inside of the door of the front hall closet – to hold all of our “extra” keys (i.e keys that we don’t have on our daily keychains.) No, we’re not janitors, or even building managers, we just have a lot of keys.

Don’t worry, a lot of these are duplicates – I think there are three sets of keys for our house and three sets of keys for the beach house on there. Also, car keys, keys to our parents’ houses, things like that.

For some reason, all these bright red hooks make me really happy. (And yes, the line of hooks starts to tilt to the left as it goes down – T. just eyeballed all of them, that’s the way we tend to do things around here.)


8 thoughts on “Hooks for Keys

  1. i second (third!) the sentiment of red hooks = happiness.

    of course i’m going to ask where the hooks came from. pretty please?

  2. thanks! The hooks are from IKEA – a few months ago they had a big bin of them on sale for $.05 for two (thats right, five cents for two,) so we stocked up.

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