shoe love

My current favorite pair of shoes:

They’re canvas, pointy, and a really great just barely-purple gray color. Also really comfortable, and cheap (less than $30.) I should probably order another pair now, because I’m definitely going to wear these out in the next six months. {please tell me I’m not the only one who buys clothes and shoes I love in multiple.}

Available here.


6 thoughts on “shoe love

  1. Hi! I just came over here from Jordan’s blog ‘Oh Happy Day!’ and I must say your blog is so cute and pretty and informative!
    I’ll definitely be coming back.

  2. i totally love those flats- so cute! and i have absolutely bought a favorite piece of clothing in multiples…. i was teased for it by my friends, but you can’t deny true love.

  3. Awesome, I’ve been searching for a pair of good shoes. I might have to buy one in teal (as I love blue shoes and the majority of my shoes are blue.)

  4. These are adorable! And so cheap and chic! I will definitely be getting them in teal. I totally agree with Anh-minh; I always buy multiples of jeans I like–when you find something good, you want to make sure it lasts a while.

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