beach house update I

So far we’re still on schedule with the painting – the bathroom is finished, the bedroom is mostly there, and we’ll start on the living room and dining/kitchen today. But I thought I would take a break and share this photo:

On Monday we painted that niche blue (Benjamin Moore’s Summer Nights, #777) and hung the new flat screen TV in it. The TV is off center because that’s where the studs are, so I need to figure out a way to make it look more purposeful. Also, right after I took this photo T. decided to arrange the books by color, but my mom is getting here in a minute and will promptly make us rearrange them, which I’m fine with (I’m over books done by color.)

OK, back to work!


3 thoughts on “beach house update I

  1. don’t knock organizing books by color– some of us are more “visual” and can’t rememebr where our books are unless unless theyre grouped in color categories ;) by the way, its looking good!

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