anyone need some mint?

because I have a bush of it (I think this calls for a mojito party):

the sage and oregano have also taken off:

but I think something is wrong with our rosemary – failure to thrive?:

and I’m starting to think that four kinds of thyme may have been too many for one pot:

for reference, old shots of the plants here and here.


4 thoughts on “anyone need some mint?

  1. Rosemary just grows slower than those other herbs. It’s also (in my experience) happiest in the full on heat of deep summer.

  2. I moved to Oakland last summer and found your blog through a search for oakland design blogs. I explain this just so you know I am not a stalker; in fact, I’m your neighbor! Walking back from Farmer’s Market and Trader Joe’s today, I recognized your flourishing herbs on your tell tale red walkway. Does the offer for a little nip of herbs still stand? :)

  3. rosemary is a bit sketchy that way. it grows slowly. don’t sweat it. also, be careful with the tyme that it doesn’t cross breed and make one kind. i have had that issue before…mint is bad like that, too, it will take over anything it can. mint is wonderful in fruit salads and green salads, too, surprisingly. also, if you have a bread machine, you can use a regular white bread recipe, or even a box of mix works well. take two handfulls of herbs, whatever you like, chuck em in after it is done doing it kneading, but maybe has one more cycle left. it makes the most yummy and moist bread ever and people will think you are a super good baker. after lots of trial and error, i realized that the krusteez bread machine mixes are really excellent, better than using my own recipes, and you can add whatever you want to them and they work fine…more sugar, herbs, cheese, whatever. if you don’t have a machine, you can do the same for biscuits or whatever you fancy.

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