straight to the point

If I wore regular t-shirts*, I would buy this one:

it seems to sum it** all up pretty well.

*I have a weird thing about t-shirts and necklaces touching the front of my neck, or even being too close to touching the front of my neck. scarves are fine. I have no clue where this quirk came from, but I’ve felt strongly about it for years now.
**it for me being the state of being in my mid twenties, but feel free to have your own “it.”

4 thoughts on “straight to the point

  1. Dang, I totally know what you’re saying. I’ve thankfully come out to the other side of this feeling, and am happy to say I’ve survived it.

    *sigh* It feels like we’re having a Wonder Years moment.

    See you at Capsule? Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Um, yes, Wonder Years moment is a great way to describe it.

    Unfortunately I’m going to miss Capsule because silly me is heading to the beach instead, but the more people I hear will be there the more I’m regretting this decision . . .

  3. I have the same bizarre quirk on the BACK of my neck. I will actually get a headache if a necklace touches a particular part of the back of my neck. Glad to know there are others like me. :)

  4. dljbgeg. I am the SAME way! People look at me like I’m insane when I admit it, a boss of mine even noticed my constant tugging to get the shirt away from my neck and ordered me a low-necked button down. A turtle neck is like a horror movie for me. So happy to know someone else in the world has this problem.

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