The handle broke off our toilet yesterday. While both T. and I are perfectly capable of fixing this ourselves, he’s decided that we should stop fixing things that are the landlord’s/handyman’s responsibility to fix. I agree.

I’m currently taking bets on how long we’ll be living with this “temporary” solution. Also, I can’t wait to see which visitors do and which visitors don’t comment on the oddity of having a pull string toilet.


5 thoughts on “janky

  1. Where did you get the magazine rack / toilet paper holder thingamajig? Such a wonderful contraption would solve so many problems in my bathroom!

  2. hey Sarah –
    yeah, it was a great find. I think I got mine at somewhere like Home Depot actually, but they’re relatively common – I think I’ve seen them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond too. You can also buy them online, search for “over tank magazine and tissue holder”and you’ll see a bunch of options.

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