beach house update II

T. and I have been at the beach house since Sunday, doing some work but also having fun – friends came out for a Memorial Day barbecue today. Things are starting to coming along – this weekend, among other things, we waxed the floors and put together the new Flor tile rug in the living room (thanks to our friends Bill & Beth for helping with both jobs!) Here’s a peak:

there’s still a fair amount left to do, mainly lots of throw pillows to sew for the window seats (which are currently being recovered) and sofa, painting the kitchen/dining room and hallway, switching out light fixtures, finding a coffee table . . . OK, the list is still a little bit long. But *lots* of progress has been made, and before the end of the summer I should be able to share all the before/afters with you.


One thought on “beach house update II

  1. elizabeth it’s looking gorgeous. email me again about coming to stinson. i moved to a new server for my admin email and lost all your emails!! let’s make a plan.

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