come on people

Over the last few days I’ve watched the entire season of Gossip Girl (while working, thank you very much. I wish I had time to just watch TV. But the nice thing about working from home is being able to watch TV while I’m on the computer.) Man that show is good. But I have one major problem with it. Blair Waldorf has the same cell phone as me. Instead of this making me feel cool*, it actually reeks of bad research. This is a phone that was free when I renewed my contact. It’s a great phone and all, but Blair Waldorf (and come on, all of these kids) would totally have an iPhone.

*this raises the question of would it make me feel cool to have some of the same things and these characters? the answer is definitely yes. I’m not sure if I should feel more embarrassed about this than I do.

5 thoughts on “come on people

  1. And I noticed in the last few episodes, that a Bluefly shopping bag was prominently on display in her bedroom. I love discounted designer goods, but there’s no way Blair Waldorf buys her clothes on Bluefly!

  2. Clearly its a product placement thing- since Blair could do better- but maybe the audiences couldn’t- this way they can get something they afford and still fit into the GG world.

    I’ve started noticing product placement on Americas Next Top model too- a strategic placement of a Special K box . . etc etc.

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