the glass

In response to a question, this is what happened to the piece of glass that was in T.’s head:

That’s right – plastic jar of formaldehyde (of course we kept it.) We’re trying to figure out what to do with it now, some sort of display is obviously necessary. Suggestions are welcome.


2 thoughts on “the glass

  1. What a fabulous necklace this would make.
    Or a centerpiece of a mosaic mirror with all of
    the other glass pieces another color. Then when
    people asked, “why the different color here?”
    You could say “oh that! That was the piece of glass
    that was lodged in T’s head…” It would be a
    “conversation piece” of sorts.

  2. I also support the necklace idea, especially if you hang it on a piece of hemp with T’s name painted on the salvaged glass while floating in a tube of the formaldehyde, just like those personalized rice necklaces that were so popular in the mid to late 90’s.

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