some random things:

  • Here’s How to Be Happy: this is really great.
  • we got a fair amount of work done at the beach house, but of course not as much as I’d hoped to, so I’m trying to squeeze in some throw pillow sewing this week while I’m home. The house is looking really good though.
  • Lisa came up to the beach over the weekend so we could talk about the project I mentioned before – I’m even more excited about it now.
  • this week I possibly have even more errands than last week to run
  • there was a picture of me on the front page of the Chronicle yesterday, accompanying a story about the new hands free cell phone law. I think that what I said was taken a little out of context, but as T. says, that’s why you always have to make sure the dumbest thing you say is still smart when you’re talking to a reporter. Also – I’d have painted my nails if I’d known the photographer was going to take a hand shot. Anyways, you can read me sounding blond here.

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