this weekend my friend Lyssa and I turned this:

into these:

(like always, click on the photos to see them larger)

In the process I finally learned how to sew french seams, and it turns out – they’re not that hard!

5 thoughts on “pillows

  1. i just found this blog. so lovely. i love the window seat! i want to build a similar bookshelf/window seat downstairs in our house and in our bedroom, but my husband is a bit freaked out. ah well.

  2. Wonderful sharp pictures revealing a genius at work. Am very pleased with what deferred maintenance has accomplished.

  3. I picked up most of the fabrics at Purl in SoHo the last time I was in New York, some came from Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley, and a few from various online sources – if you’re interested in a specific one let me know and I’ll try to source it for you!

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