up for air

I hate how busy I am these days, even though in most ways its good busy, in fact this week in particular there was lots of good busy. Here’s a recap of some of the things I’ve done since getting back from the beach Sunday night:

  • dropped off a vintage tulip table base at a metal refinishing place to be sandblasted and powdercoated for the beach house – it’s supposed to be ready on Monday, and I’m pretty stoked to see it
  • had dinner at my parent’s house with an old family friend and her boyfriend who were visiting (hi Kara and James!)
  • shot a house tour in San Francisco of a great and quirky studio
  • had dinner with my friend Lyssa and her husband and checked out their new (to them) RV
  • designed, bought paper for, printed, and mailed 48 bridal shower invitations – pictures next week after they’ve arrived at their destinations
  • bought new bras for the first time in, um, 2 or 3 years? my boobs are totally thanking me for this one
  • went out to lunch and then to a CB2 press preview event with fellow AT:SFers Sally and Leslie
  • went to the Julia Rothman and Caitlin Keegan opening at Rare Device, where I got to see Annie, Evany, Maggie, Grace, Meg, Victoria, Natalie, Lisa, Rena, and about a million other people, including, of course, the lovely artists (Julia and I had matching shoes, seen above.) It was great, and reminded me how much I love being involved with this blogging/art/craft community.
  • you know, worked and went to class, paid the utility bill

tomorrow morning I’m off to Renegade – I’ll be there at opening and only for a few hours, so if you see me wandering around with my camera & a dazed look in my eye, stop and say hi.

To do this weekend: try and catch up on my e-mail, which I’m miserably behind on (sorry if you’re one of the senders of the literally hundreds of e-mails in my backlog,) clean the house, have some people over for dinner, go to Anh-Minh’s to take pictures before she moves to her new digs, try and get some work done to lighten things up a little for next week. In other words, shouldn’t be too bad, and except for the e-mail & cleaning, mainly good busy again.


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