showers & cupcakes

Last night I went to a bridal shower for my friend Rachel thrown by my friend Claire and her mom Kathryn. The “theme” was hydrangeas, which are the flowers for Rachel’s upcoming wedding. The hydrangea cupcakes that Claire spent all day slaving away on? Both amazing looking and tasting. I mean – right?

Rachel, the bride-to-be, looking lovely

I’ll be day-of-coordinating Rachel’s wedding in August. To say I’m pretty excited about the whole event might be an understatement.


5 thoughts on “showers & cupcakes

  1. You mean there are cupcake blogs? It never occurred to me that someone would write a whole blog about them.

    Those cupcakes are gorgeous though. And tasting great, well, that’s the point of cupcakes, right? I’ve had some cupcakes that looked gorgeous with that perfect swirl of buttercream, but the icing itself tasted nasty.

  2. The cupcakes are gorgeous! Would love to make them for my future daughter-in-laws shower. Is it possible to get the recipe?

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