Rachel & Will forever

Um, yeah, so, I got back from vacation and had to take another week off from blogging to deal with catching up to real life after being phone and e-mail free for a week. Still catching up, but thought I would share these centerpieces I did for a wedding brunch this Friday:

They were super simple and easy to do, but I think they turned out pretty well – shallow bamboo bowls from IKEA, paper lanterns (Michael’s had these on sale a while ago for $0.22 each, so I cleaned them out) and then about $30 worth of sunflowers from TJ’s got me six centerpieces for the 60″ round tables.

I was the DOC (day-of-coordinator for those of you not up on your wedding lingo) for this wedding, and while it was a long day (starting with brunch set up at 9am and ending with packing up the reception at 10:30pm) it was a really great one. The bride Rachel and I share a best friend, so I’ve known her for years, and I’ve got to say not only was she a beautiful bride, she was the most easy going, fun to work with bride ever. If I really decide to get into the wedding business, I’m spoiled for life.

Hope you two are having a fun and relaxing honeymoon!


2 thoughts on “Rachel & Will forever

  1. Very fun centerpieces! The paper lanterns are a great touch, and for $0.22! Glad to hear it all went smoothly- you are spoiled on future weddings, however. LOL!

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