Monday Book: Comfort Me With Apples

Sorry for my absence for the last few weeks, all will be explained shortly, but for now let’s jump back into the Monday book series, which I’ve missed for the last two weeks.

Comfort Me With Apples by Ruth Reichl

I love Ruth Reichl, in many ways she’s one of my role models as a writer (and every time I read anything of her’s it makes me really want to get into food writing) and this only deepened that. This book, like her others, mixes straight memoir with food memoir, and throws a few recipes in too. In Comfort Me With Apples she takes you through the period of her life where she went from being a hippie-cook at a co-op restaurant in Berkeley to the LA Times restaurant critic, but perhaps more importantly chronicles the intense changes in her personal life during the same time period. In many ways it’s sort of a coming of age story, except it starts when she’s about 30. It’s funny, heart breaking, and really makes me want to both cook and eat better. You know that question people get asked about if there’s anyone you could have dinner with, who would it be? For me, the answer is completely and totally Ms. Reichl.


3 thoughts on “Monday Book: Comfort Me With Apples

  1. I LOVE that book. And RR. I recently sat next to Ms Reichl at a restaurant in LA. Like squished next to her. I spent the entire meal trying to think of an eloquent way to express my admiration for her and her work. And of course left without saying a peep.

    Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to!

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