beach house update IV

Yeah, I know, I’ve been really laming out on the posting here lately. The good news is I’ve been busy working, figuring out what to do with my life next, reconnecting with my friends, eating better, and getting back into an exercise routine. This weekend I got to get away to the beach house, which is very quickly approaching completion. Here are some photos of the work we’ve been doing – sometime soon (i.e. in the next month or so) there should be a complete set.

3 thoughts on “beach house update IV

  1. Yeah–glad to see you back to posting. This beach house is looking amazing! Can’t wait to see the full set. Hope to see you this weekend at Capsule (Sunday, 11am-6pm, Hayes Valley). I have a crazy new bunch of stuff. Come swing by my booth right near Miette, NW corner of Linden and Hayes. xoxo!

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