what I’m up to these days

because I’m obviously not posting on this site very often . . .


  • getting over the flu
  • catching up with friends
  • considering upping my text-message plan, see above
  • walking around my second favorite body of water
  • doing these crazy exercise videos (talk about sore in places you didn’t know you could be)
  • eating food from my garden (see photo)
  • going to bartending school
  • taking a calligraphy class
  • going to lots of shows
  • cleaning my house (the neverending task)
  • quickly making my way through the first three seasons of Weeds (thank you Netflix)

Reading (online):

Reading (offline):

Thinking about:

  • sewing new throw pillows
  • getting rid of way more stuff than I already have
  • the big questions (life, love, etc)
  • how feasible it is for me to start wearing 3″ heels most of the time, even though I’m over six feet tall in them
  • why and how the links on this site changed from pink to green (Lacey?)

3 thoughts on “what I’m up to these days

  1. I would call the non blogging interlude a very busy, creative break! I am in a creative mind block right now and not blogging much either! Inspiration anyone?

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