nice things

I’ve been making an effort to do nice things for myself lately. It’s part of my recent epiphany that my happiness is no one’s responsibility but my own. Since tomorrow is my birthday (more on that later,) I’ve been making a special effort to treat myself well this week. Here a few of the things I did today:


used real cream in my tea


walked the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral


bought myself some fancy cheese at the Ferry Building


and I’m currently taking a break from cleaning the house (this one might sound funny, but I’m so much happier when my house is clean.)

What have you done to be nice to yourself lately?


2 thoughts on “nice things

  1. Hello! I have been drifting around various blogs for a lot of the day and drifted onto yours. We share the same birthday, and I also feel much happier once I have cleaned my house! Great blog – I’m adding you onto my favourites list.

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