I’ve spent the last few days laid up with some sort of stomach bug. Ugh.


whenever I’m sick, I tend to subsist on Campbell’s Chicken and Stars soup. It’s the perfect sick food: bland, fluid replenishing, you don’t have to chew, and it satisfies my inner five year old.


5 thoughts on “sick

  1. Sick food is very culturally bound. In Japan, sick food is rice gruel and stewed fish. Saltines, toast and chicken and stars soup…soothing.

  2. Loved your suggestion,but… Mrs. Grasse’s Chicken Noodle soupd mis with real chicken broth is guaranteed to cure what ails you. I boil it up, takes ten minutes at the first onset of a cold. Then go to bed with a novel.

  3. i used to drink campbell soup all the time when i was sick….but never will i again….during lunch i just bit on a huge green insect that looks like a beetle and has wings in my campbell soup…i did some research online…and aparently it happens a lot…people find different bugs, mealworms, etc.

    im so disapointed…and grossed out….

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