Paint Job

I’m still alive, really. Just in the middle of about a million projects all the time. But I’m working on getting my schedule more organized which will *hopefully* include carving out time to come back to this space more. For now, some hastily taken before and after shots of what will be the new bedside tables in my in-progress totally overhauled bedroom



I got a great deal on these (this is one of a set of two) at my local second-hand furniture shop last weekend – I loved the shape, but the paint job was a little too, um, whimsical for me. Spray paint to the rescue. All the drawers got a new coat of gloss white (I’m partial to Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch – it has the easiest ever to use nozzle and dries quickly and evenly) and the hardware got several coats of gloss black enamel. I love how they turned out, and I’ll now have an excess of storage in the bedroom, which is pretty much a dream come true.

Pictures of the entire room hopefully coming in the next few weeks – I need to get a handyman/plumber over to remove the non-working but very large radiator before I can finalize furniture placement.

One thought on “Paint Job

  1. Yay! You’re back. And the dresser looks awesome.
    Very inspiring; makes me want to go second hand store shopping right now.


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