bedroom peak

My bedroom is (finally) approaching being done, and I figured this one corner is now finished enough to share, although I’m still thinking about painting the chair black.

The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Temptation (1609) and I *love* it. It’s a charcoal gray with a lot of pink, purple, and blue undertones, and is gorgeous both during the day and at night. I was a little nervous about such a dark color, but my room gets so much light, especially in the morning, that it never really feels too dark. I’ve lived with it for about three months now and continue to be really happy with it.

The art on this wall is: [lower left] screenprint by Cricket Press, [lower right] painting by Annie Galvin, [upper right] painting by Zachary Johnson (whose website doesn’t seem to be up right now.) the clock is from IKEA.

(click on the photo to see it larger)


7 thoughts on “bedroom peak

  1. I actually love the combo of the chair how it is with the black around. It keeps it from being too matchy. Love the blog. Think I’ll put a link from mine. Hope thats ok.

  2. I love this – I’m not daring enough to paint anything this dark! One day when I’m able to, I’ll hire you to come over and redesign my place. :) One day.

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