perfume*, in my new (albeit temporary) bathroom

So many new things going on right now. The most exciting of which is: I am getting a new website! that will have a new blog on it! and I will actually update this new blog with some semblance (well, hopefully more than some) of regularity!

It should be up in the next month – I will post about it here once it’s live. And then that will most likely be the last post on this blog, because, who are we kidding. Is anyone actually reading this anymore? I pretty much let this site die a long, slow death. I sometimes feel a little bad about it, but, hey. It is what it is. (And for those of you who are wondering – and I know that there are hundreds of you waiting on the edge of your seat – at this point in time I have no plans to take this site down.)

Also – I have a bunch of projects that I am so excited to share, but am saving for the new site. Including my new (temporary) bedroom, which is getting very very close to being done. Which is good, as I’ll be there for less than a year, if all goes to plan. But it has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done, and I’m exceedingly happy with how it’s turning out.

And, in the no-one-cares-but-me category of news: I got an iPhone ! after waiting for two years for the iPhone to come out on Verizon it finally happened, and lucky me, my upgrade date happened just a few days later. I am in love, with a phone. sigh.

2011: I think I’m gonna love you.


*the “embrace messy hair” print is from here, found via Joanna

3 thoughts on “newness

  1. So. EXCITED. For the new site, for more of your posts, for finished pictures of the new digs, and then the new digs that come after that. Can’t wait!

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